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Your son or daughter's prom night is coming up.  Can you think of a better designated
driver for one of the most important events in his or her young life?
Let Limousine Lifestyles take him or her to prom in the style and luxury of our stylish
limousine. Our limo will come to your home, pick him or her and their date up (of course
there's always time for pictures), and take them to their prom where they can arrive like
royalty.  Upon departure from the prom they will again be whisked away like the rich and
famous and safely transported to your home or other destination as
predetermined in the booking.

Prom rates for our New Chrysler 300 140" Stretch Limousine

(6 hour minimum package)

6 Hour Package = $937.50                     8 Hour  Package = $1125.00

Rate / Person                                                               Rate / Person
6 persons   $156.25                        /                           6 persons   $187.50
8 persons   $117.20                        /                           8 persons   $140.60
10 persons  $93.75                         /                          10 persons   $112.50
12 persons  $78.13                          /                          12 persons   $93.75

* No alcoholic or other intoxicants or cigarettes are allowed in the limousine.
* The privacy screen remains open at all times to allow supervision by the chauffeur.
* A listing of all teen passengers and their legal guardian's name and contact number will
be required the night of the event in case of any violation or emergency.
318-445-RIDE (7433)